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Mary Daniels Walls ChokerHerSkins Founder

Whats the story?

Meet Mary Daniels, CEO, and Founder of ChokeHer Skins. After being diagnosed with lung disease Lupus, in 2015, which led to early retirement, this optimistic entrepreneur began her journey by creating her own company. Based on her health battles, Mary had a vision of promoting the mindset that inner beauty can always prevail no matter how much someone may be suffering emotionally and mentally in life.

The neck was her aim focus since it represents holding up dignity. This Female CEO believes the chokers she designs could brighten up anyone's wardrobe. When asked about the women that inspire her, Mary credits her mother, who first noticed her creativity and took her to sewing class at the young age of five years old. According to Mary, it is difficult to mention the number of people who have inspired her because somebody offers her something to learn or influences her creativity daily!

The ChokeHer Skins founder says it is essential for women to support and empower each other, be reminded of the unbreakable sisterhood they share, and encourage one another to be "#ThatGirl"! Mary Daniels and I share many similarities in our views toward genuine sisterhood; in fact, The Female CEO shares the same core values in sisterhood. Those values include celebrating and encouraging each other to be our best selves. We elevate each other through our shared voices, crafts, skillsets, wisdom, and most importantly, agape LOVE. (exert from that girl meets of

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18121 E. 8 Mile Rd

St Clair Shores MI 48021

Tel: 734.799.6372

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